Frequently Asked Questions

Everyday we get asked about our brand, products, school, and stores. This guide covers common questions we receive on a daily bases. If you have any questions of your own please don't hesitate to email us at

Questions Regarding The Pastry School.

Q: Is The Pastry School only for students and professionals of the culinary world?

A: No! Many people assume The Pastry School is exclusive... we are not in the least. The Pastry School is designed for anyone who simply wants to learn! Whether you are a beginner, pastry lover, foodie enthusiast, a teenager, a home-baker, a stay-at-home mother/father, a student, or a culinary professional; anyone and everyone can become a pastry chef.

Q: What type of classes do you offer?

A: Currently the school offers three different tiers of classes: 1 day, 3 day, and 5 day classes; as well as a 12-week (3-month) comprehensive program called The Master Series.

Q: How much do the classes run?

A: 1 Day (3 hour) Classes = $100 | 3 Day (3 days in a row) Classes= $990 | 5 Day (Monday - Friday) Classes = $1,200


*This price reflects everything for the program: tuition, top-quality ingredients, use of state-of-the-art equipment, small class size (12 students) with cutting-edge training by Stéphane Tréand and his professional master pastry chef team, fully equipped pastry tool kit and 2 professional chef coats. With this, you will come out with exceptional, solid foundation of knowledge and skill of pastries, desserts, breads, and other goods. And receive personal attention, every day, in the comfortable environment of The Pastry School.


Q: How and where do I sign-up for classes?

A: There are 4 different ways to sign-up for classes: through our website (HERE - pick a class first), over-the-phone (714-825-0180), email (, or in person at the shop.

Q: I want to sign-up through the website but I don't know how.

A: To sign-up for classes on the website is easy! Here we will teach you step-by-step on how to do it.

  1. First click under +SERIES FOR ALL LEVELS, here you will see which types of classes we have (1 day, 3 day, 5 day).

  2. Next you will be redirected to that page. From the images you see on your screen, click on the item you wish to learn.

  3. On this page you should see the image(s) of the item to the left and all the information on the right and bottom of your screen (title of class, price, date & time, and information of the type of class).

  4. Desired to take the class shown, click on ADD TO CART next.

  5. The label should have changed to ADDED! and on the right-top corner of your screen should be of an icon of a cart with a money amount pending for purchase. Click on it!

  6. Your screen should have changed again.

  7. The new page will show you, your shopping cart with all the classes you wish to take... done click on Check Out.

  8. From here you will proceed with Checkout. Like every other online retailer, please provide the information that is needed to complete your order.

  9. When everything has been completed you will receive an email about your order.

  10. Once we have received your order to be enrolled in the class, a confirmation email will be sent to you.


Q: The classes look hard I don't know if I'm cut out for them.

A: Our classes are designed for all levels. Whether you are a beginner or a professional our expert master chefs are here to help you!

Q: Do we need to bring anything with you to the pastry classes?

A: No, everything is provided for you: apron, tools, pen, recipes, etc. If you would like, aprons and tools are available for purchase. We just ask for you to dress in comfortable clothing and non-slip shoes (no heels).

Q: What happens to the items we make?

A: Anything that is made in your pastry class gets to be taken home with you.

Q: How old do you need to be to take the classes?

A: We get this question a lot, especially parents with small children who are eager to learn. Children 14+ must have a parent present, and starting at 16 years old they can take the class on their own. If you are interested in a class for a group of younger children we would be happy to schedule a private class.

Q: Do you have classes just for children?

A: Unfortunately at this time we do not have classes just for children, but anyone ages 14 or older may take any of our classes. If you get a group together, however, we can schedule a private kids class.

Q: Do you have private-event classes?

A: Yes, we do offer private-event classes! To schedule an available date and time please call us at (714) 825-0180 or email us at

Q: How long has The Pastry School been around?

A: The Pastry School started in San Clemente (2012-2014) then moved to the SOCO Collection in Costa Mesa (2014-present)!

Q: Was The Pastry School under a different name before?

A: Yes, we were formally known as The Art of Pastry.


Questions Regarding ST Pâtisserie Chocolat and ST Chocolat.

Q: Where is everything made?

A: Everything you see in our shops are all freshly, hand-made inside ST Pâtisserie Chocolat.

Q: How long has the stores been around?

A: ST Pâtisserie Chocolat: FALL 2014 | ST Chocolat: WINTER 2015

Q: Why do you have a second store, walking distances from your first one?

A: ST Chocolat is located inside the OC MIX, walking distance from ST Pâtisserie, we thought it was a good way to help us promote ST Pâtisserie Chocolat and The Pastry School more.

Q: Do you have any other locations?

A: No, just the SOCO Collection and the Jamboree plaza in Tustin are the only locations for ST Pâtisserie Chocolat & ST Chocolat.

Q: Do the students from The Pastry School work in any of the stores?

A: Sometimes previous students will intern and assist the chefs in our kitchen.

Q: What type of items do you sell in your stores?

A: We sell many different types of French pastries, baked goods, chocolates, even gelato and sorbets.

Here is a list of examples of what each store sells. If you would like to view more or would rather see images of the different products, just browse our +Menu on our navigation menu.

ST Pâtisserie Chocolat:  Pâtisserie (macarons, eclairs, roussilon, millefeuille, duo feuilletine), Viennoiseries (croissants, cannelé, brioche), various Chocolates (bars, bonbons, truffles), Gelato (Valrhona chocolate, Tahitian vanilla, pistachio, coffee), Sorbets (lemon, pear, strawberry, passion fruit, mango), etc.

ST Chocolat:  Bonbons, Truffles, Chocolate Bars, Macarons and Macaroons (Coconut Rochet), Diamants, Pâte de Fruits, Madeleines, Financiers, Tuiles, and much more.