Chocolate Bonbons / Confectionary Class 10/1-3 ,2019 (8AM - 4PM)

Chocolate Bonbons / Confectionary Class 10/1-3 ,2019 (8AM - 4PM)


3 Day Class

Tues - Weds - Thurs

October 1-3, 2019


3 Day Class

*Qualifies for 10 Week Certificate Program

In this class, we will cover the history and chemistry of chocolate, professional standards for handling chocolate, chocolate storage, and chocolate production. Covering the importance of understanding tempering and crystallization; tempering techniques by hand and by machine; the fundamentals of ganache, and many other fillings; with particular attention paid to flavor and texture. Some of the recipes that will be taught in this class: (Hand-Dipped) Chocolate Ganache Bonbons, Colorful Molded Bonbons, Speciality Truffles, Nuts Mendiants, Caramels, Pâtes de Fruits, and Fruity Marshmallows...

Every technique of bonbon creation will be covered from hand-dipped to molded. We will introduce and use the professional equipment of the chocolatier from guitars to enrobing machines. We will utilize the cutting edge of bonbon decoration, delving into all forms such as using cocoa butter colors, pearl, satin powder, airbrushing, hand brushing, and more.


Chef loves to do something different for each class, so pastry may vary from photographs.

These workshops require no previous experience, but a desire to learn in a fun and professional environment is expected. Aprons, pens, and recipe books are included. You will leave with a better understanding of pastry and the delicious treats made during class.

*Please contact us for information about hosting a group at The Pastry School. Upon request, we can create specific classes for groups, clubs, and associations. For companies, inspire cohesion in a sweet environment with custom team building activities.

Refunds will only be given on same day purchase(s). Refunds requested on a different day are given in store credit or transfer credit towards another class.