Artistic Chocolate Showpieces - CLASS

Artistic Chocolate Showpieces - CLASS


November 20 - 24, 2017 | 5 Day Class

8AM - 2PM

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A Stéphane Tréand signature classFrom sketch to the finished showpiece.

In this class, you will see and learn different techniques in order to create a chocolate showpiece. Using tempered chocolate and specific tools, you will get the tricks to smooth, texture, and shape chocolate to build modern, professional showpieces. From Chocolate Amenity to the Elegant Chocolate Showpieces, Stéphane Tréand will teach you; how to make your very own artistic chocolate showpiece! Even demonstrate how to create flowers out of chocolate!

*For a serious pastry chef with hopes of performing at the level of “circuit de la competition” this class is invaluable. No matter your level of ability, Chef Stéphane Tréand will be able to challenge you and help you discover your own personal artistic expression.


**Refunds will only be given on same day purchase(s). Refunds requested on a different day are given In-store credit or transfer credit towards another class.